Friday, 29 August 2014

Tie of the Week

Our tie photo this week is not on me because this was a very short week in the tie department and the tie only got worn for two days earlier in the week, since a more casual dress code was the order of the rest of the week. Instead, you get this tie on a home-made duct-tape mannequin that Mrs. Owl brought home from her craft night tonight. She has all the cool parties.

If you did have a photo of me, you'd notice that the hear situation is a little more under control, since Mrs. Owl got desperate and went for the scissors earlier in the week.

Tie Number: 013
Designation: The Penny Green
Provenance: ?
Manufacture: Midtown
No. of Comments: 
Most Favourable Comment: N/A
Least Favourable Comment: N/A
Observations: This is pretty boring, conventional tie, hence the lack of comments. Probably means it's actually a nice tie or something, but I don't wear ties to look good, after all. Its only saving grace is that the patterns on it remind me of postage stamps, and postage stamps are fun.

1 comment:

Irac said...

I know you have been wearing ties. Where are the consistently excellent tie of the week blogs???
Just because you have been sick and busy is no excuse.