Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tie of the Week

I don't remember why I started doing the tie of the week feature on Fridays. It seems like an odd choice given that Friday is the one day of the week that I don't wear a tie to work, it being casual day, and also that come the end of the week I'm generally wearing the daggiest (Australian for 'least good looking', named after a sheep's bottom) and least matching of my work shirts, but we don't mess with tradition here at the Leaflocker, so here you go. I know you've all be waiting with bated breath.

This one's an old favourite that I bring out for special occasions (like the relaunch of tie Fridays). I call it the Magellan because it's wide and blue, like the ocean that Magellan traversed. Other people did too, I guess, but Magellan just has a nice ring to it, and since he's out of favour as a map projection these days, he might as well get a cool tie named after him.

Tie Number: 010
Designation: Magellan Blue
Provenance: Ian's Stash
Manufacture: Austico, Australia
No. of Comments: None unsolicited, people don't comment on my ties any more
Most Favourable Comment: Not applicable
Least Favourable Comment: Not applicable
Observations: It's kind of hard to tell (probably since I'm a bit wider since last time we took tie photos all those years ago), but this tie is crazy wide. Appropriate, since it is of eighties vintage.

And yes, I know that: 
1) As always, I need to cut my hair
2) Green shirt doesn't go with blue tie. There's a reason for the combination, but it's kind of a long story and it involves vomit, so let's not go there.

And while we're on work-ish topics, it's my turn to supply lunch for our work soup club today. Decided to play it safe and go with pumpkin, but just to blow my own trumpet for a while (something I should do more often, it just sits there, taunting me), it's actually pretty good. Now to get it down the hill without spilling it everywhere...


James Picone said...

Are you perhaps thinking of the Mercator map projection? I don't remember Magellan having a projection and I can't find it on google (just people talking about map projections on Magellan-brand GPS devices)

Mark said...

If I know you, your 'Tie of the Week' feature probably came from a bad (excellent) pun on 'tie off the week', which was probably your intention when writing a Friday blog post.

UnwiseOwl said...

Damn, Jimmy, you are right of course. My cartgraphy cred is ruined! Yet another reminder of the consequences of late-night posting.

Mark, I think you give me too much credit