Thursday, 21 August 2014

Autumn 1901: Zeroth Coming of Hitler

Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of the current EVAC email diplomacy game. We've just finished up 1901, and there's a great power imbalance emerging between our great powers.

A Burgundy > Paris
F Denmark > Sweden (*BOUNCE* with Russian A Livonia [1v1])
A Kiel > Holland

He went through with it! Paris falls to the Germans in 1901, cue the mocking press broadcasts: "Where is your Revanche now?". The Kaiser has opted to take Paris now and look to pick up Belgium next year; and also to bounce the Russians out of Sweden. He's made himself a couple of enemies this turn, but managed to arrange it that neither of them got control of any surplus centres, and is probably counting on his three builds to make some quick progress against them both before any of the other powers can leap to their defence.

F Gulf of Bothnia Convoy A Livonia > Sweden
A Livonia > Sweden (*BOUNCE* with German F Sweden [1v1])
F Sevastopol > Rumania (*BOUNCE* with Austrian A Budapest [1v1])
A St. Petersburg > Finland

Safe play from the Russian after an aggressive start, but the lack of builds might hurt him with the German boucning the convoy in Sweden and Rumania failing too. But, the Tsar has probably assured himself Sweden next year unless there's and Anglo-German alliance forming, but might have to scramble to defend Warsaw if the Germans come East in force. The south seems to be shaping up like a promising Russo-Turkish alliance, though you never can be sure of anything in this game.

A Edinburgh > Yorkshire
F North Sea > London
F Norwegian Sea > Norway

Good safe play by the English here, opting to ensure that the French will be repelled if they attempt a convoy, at the expense of the North Sea. Things might have gone poorly if Russia had chosen to bounce in Norway, but instead, England is looking pretty secure if limited for options for expansion in the near future.

F English Channel Convoy A Picardy > Wales
A Marseilles > Spain
A Picardy > Wales

Opting for the convoy to Wales at the expense of the defence of his own homeland, the President won't have won himself any friends amongst the English here. Unfortunately for him, the Russian didn't bounce in Norway, allowing the English to build and ensuring that the French have no hope of making any gains in Britain.

F Albania > Greece
A Budapest > Rumania (*BOUNCE* with Russian F Sevastopol [1v1])
A Serbia Support A Budapest > Rumania (*CUT* by Turkish A Bulgaria)

Austria seems to have found a probable alliance in her Eastern neighbours, but a faithful friend in the Italian. With the German focused on France with a possible front opening against Russia, and two builds on the way, Austria is sitting pretty, and can choose if she's going to go into a full-frontal assault on her Russian neighbour who has no builds coming, or turn on the Italian.

A Apulia > Tunis
F Ionian Sea Convoy A Apulia > Tunis
A Venice > Piedmont

Italy, ever the opportunist, has decided to go after France will he's down, which should spell the doom of the Republic unless the President can find an unlikely friend. A slow start for Italy as it so often is, but the build phase, and the choice of an army in Venice for defence or a fleet in Naples for offence.

F Ankara > Constantinople
A Bulgaria > Serbia (*Bounce* by Austrian A Serbia)
A Smyrna > Syria

Turkey either has a Russian ally here, or is confident that she at least doesn't have an enemy in the Tsar, and is mobilising her forces to become a naval power in the Med. With the army in Syria (which looks odd, but is a sign of goodwill for Russia and a warning for opppents attempting a Lepanto), presumably there will be a fleet build in Smyrna, and the race will be to secure the Aegean and get the Syrian army into position to support Bulgaria to hold. 

I'd hoped to talk about the builds too, but I'm up against a deadline tonight, so we'll go in to them shortly.

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