Saturday, 30 August 2014


A day out is great, terrible Jackie Chan movies and all, but it doesn't help me get blog content, guys! So, I guess my project for this week is finishing up my set of Blaugust Wesnoth videos. I've kind of enjoyed making these things, but as I've pretty much exhausted any content that I could possibly provide I guess that it's time that the youtube channel went into hibernation unless I get really organised and throw together something for Raptember.

Anyway, if you've got a spare eighty minutes, you can watch me try (and fail, a couple of times) to finish the final level of Tale of Vaniyera. With that behind me, it's time to do something constructive for the day before calling it a night.

A good last day of Blaugust to you all. Tomorrow I'll be reviewing the month that was and looking to the future. I hope to see you then.

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