Monday, 25 August 2014

Fools! There Will Be A Pope!

Pretty happy with this Paul VI and JP I

When real things arise, it's hard to justify the time to draw pictures of popes, and I'm sure that Pope Francis wouldn't approve of me drawing him instead of getting my hands dirty, so I'm going to go ahead and do that instead of blogging tonight. My heart's not in it anyway.

Benedict XVI would undoubtedly quote someone unapproachable, and end up coming up with a justification that makes perfect sense but is utterly impractical for the real situation at hand. Sorry, Benny, tonight you get it, I guess.

John Paul II recognised the need to take time away from the serious business of governing worldly affairs to be approachable and relational. Someone else can always do the governing stuff later.

John Paul I would probably suggest that talking to an imaginary audience about problems instead of dealing with them is a very cathartic experience. Man I love John Paul I.

Paul VI would undoubtedly lay down the law and get me off my ass to do things. I might not like him for it, but I gotta respect him for his stance.

Pope John XXIII would just make a wisecrack and move on, but I know he'd keep a place for me in his prayers later.

(And just for you, Michael, Pope Telesphorus would probably tell me that I'm going about this all wrong, but he'd be nice enough to be friendly about it anyways.)

Super pleased with this Francis and JP II

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Michael5000 said...

Pope Telesphorus for the win.