Saturday, 2 August 2014

Leaflocker Goes 'New Media'

I got into blogging about 10 years after the cool kids stopped doing it, so YouTube has been going long enough and well enough now that it's about time I joined up for something else than re-runs of British quiz shows.

I'd planned to post a bit about the experience of maintaining a mod for Battle for Wesnoth, something I've been privileged to do for the last five years or so. Sadly, writer's block has set in early this August, and I couldn't write something today to save my life, so I made a gameplay video instead. Another cop out, but if I get a bit better at this YouTube thing, I can foresee some further use for it down the track.

The quality is terrible, I know, so if you have ideas on a way to do this better, I'd be very willing to take suggestions.

If low-quality videos of turn-based strategy games aren't your thing, you could head over to Michael's blog and watch his higher-resolution efforts to play Dark Souls. If games in general aren't your thing, why there's lots of other fare out there. Notably, Ale made some pretty drawings, and Mason wrote about Batman fanart.


Havra C said...

But I love evil crap...

Grant said...

Really enjoyed the video, looks to be a live commentary as well which makes this very impressive to how little you're pausing.

Audio and video is excellent, if you have issues with lag try Geforce Shadowplay if you have an Nvidia card as it'll take all the load of your mac.

My only gripe and it's really minor is more of a broader explanation of the game but considering you explained the basics and that this doesn't seem to be an introduction video it's not a big deal.

May seem like a copout to you but trust me the video is good, you should do more maybe even some LP's, you got skills.