Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Wednesday Quiz: A Regular Betsy

John and Michael currently share the lead for this season of the quiz, with 9 points apiece, Michael having played the old 'Usonian ignorance of Australian Poetry' card for a bonus point. Pichy has 7 and Alethea has 4.5. It's never too late to start and catch up, though, and if the points are important to you, and you promise not to peek, I'll let you do the past two quizzes too.
This week, in the absence of a clever idea, we've run to an old Leaflocker fallback in testing your vexillological knowledge. To score points you'll have to describe the modifications that would need to be made to the first national flag to convert it into the second (proportions and exact shades of colours will not be considered), as might be required in case of an invasion or sudden change of allegiance. For example, to convert a French flag to that of the Netherlands, just rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Half-points will be given for good efforts, google and other references are to be avoided. Simple enough? Okay, let's go.
1) Ireland to Côte d’Ivoire
2) Australia to New Zealand
3) Italy to Bulgaria
4) Jamaica to Scotland
5) Lebanon to Thailand
6) Japan to Greenland
7) Ukraine to Russia
8) Palestine to Sudan
That's it! Best of luck with all your dyeing and sewing this week. Shaun is also running a quiz today, so if movies are more your thing than flags, or if you’ve got some time, maybe check it out?


Alethea said...

Oh dear I think this is another week where I'll just let John do his smartsthing.

Nice quiz, though!

John said...

Pfft, I don't know nuthin' 'bout no flags.

1) Still a vertical tricolour. Don't know what the Côte D'Ivoire colours are, sadly.
2) Remove the lone federation star and change the stars of the southern cross from pure white to red with a white border.
3) Guess here, so I'll just go with flip it sideways.
4) Leave the pattern the same, change the colours. Cross goes from yellow to white, background goes from black and green to blue.
5) Remove the cedar tree.
6) A guess: change the circle to a plus sign (swiss style)
7) Horizontal stripes are correct, but change the colours from blue and yellow to white, red, and blue (descending).
8) Guess: colours remain the same, pattern changes. Nothing more specific, I'm afraid.

xandox said...

1. Rotate 180 degrees. I worked that one out when they were at the world cup.

2. Remove all stars but the four dominant stars of the southern cross. Recolour them the stars red with a white lining and presto.

3. I know they share the same colours but Italy is a vertical tricolour whereas Bulgaria is a horizontal tricolour. I’m going to guess, rotate 90 degrees clockwise?

4. Recolour the yellow X white, make remaining colours royal blue, hold a referendum in September and succeed from the union.

5. Remove tree and place horizontal blue stripe through the middle. So that it's red, white, blue, white, red with the whites being pretty narrow.

6. Inverse the colours? I’m guessing here. I have no idea what the greenland flag looks like. They don’t participate in Eurovision.

7. Recolour the yellow part to red. Make the blue royal blue. Place a white section of equal size on the top and stretch horizontally until it is the ratio of 2:3. Alternatively you could try to annexe Crimea and try to force a civil war or something.

8. I’m pretty sure they use the same colours and patters. They might need some re-arrangement. Flip vertically and swap red with green?

Michael5000 said...

1. Rotate 180 degrees. Allow to warm.
2. Oh bugger. I knew this one for a while. Lighten the blue, like?
3. Rotate 90 degrees. Dust with paprika.
4. HA! Black and gold to white, green to blue, mon.
5. Get rid of the cedar, and throw in a blue stripe. Then make the red parts blue and the blue parts red.
6. Move the dot left. Then invert red and white on the lower half.
7. Well... Sew the leftover cedar from the Lebanese flag onto the light blue and gold flag of Ukraine. Then, throw that away. Start from scratch with the white, red, and regular blue of Russia, in horizontal tricolor stripes.
8. Let's say turn it upside down.