Friday, 15 August 2014

Tie of the Week

This week casual day was cancelled as we had important visitors in the office, which meant that it was a five-day week for this hardworking tie, and this boy had to work pretty hard too. 

I'm not normally a fan of thin ties of or single-colour plan ties, but this one is just such a happy shade of red that I'm willing to give it a place in my little pile of favourite ties. Makes a big difference from the one I was wearing last week, though. A call this one the Balaclava because it is a thin red tie. Nuff said, I think.

Tie Number: 011
Designation: The Balaclava
Provenance: Aunty Who
Manufacture: Dante, Australia
No. of Comments: 4 (Moderate)
Most Favourable Comment: Great tie, goes so well with that shirt.
Least Favourable Comment: I think I didn't hate that tie, but with that shirt I sure do.
Observations: Yes, both of the above comments were made about the same combination (not pictured). I'm pretty sure that neither were sarcastic. (There's probably a PhD in it for anyone who wants to go to the Northern Territory, document their use of strange gurgling noises to indicate sarcasm, and spread this necessary addition to the language the the rest of world, just so that we can all be sure in these situations without waving our fingers around where they're likely to be chopped off.)

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