Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Imperial Era Lives

So, today is kind of a big day for me, because I finally got rid of enough bugs and made enough changes that I've been able to release the next version of the Imperial Era, and have it actually work. This change has been in the works for...almost two years, and in that time I've redone some of the changes more than half-a-dozen times as I've struggled with version control, data loss and the general incompetence of the coder, not to mention changing my mind on what I want to do a number of times too.

This means that if you're running the latest development version of Battle for Wesnoth, you can download both the Imperial Era and the campaign that I've been exhibiting in my videos this month Tale of Vaniyera, from the 1.12 add-ons server, and have a play for yourself. (The other campaigns will pop up eventually when I've killed off all their gamebreaking bugs).

As well as fixing a multitude of bugs, I've also made a number of balance changes (though it's still FAR from fair) and most exciting of all, I've added the first new art for the era since 2008! Thanks to willing artists amorphous and freeforestify, I present the new Orcish Paegnarius and Bestiarius, in both sprite and portrait form. I can almost scrape by coding the simple stuff, since WML is an easy language, but drawing the pretties is always going to be beyond me.

A bit later today, if the video ever finishes uploading, I'll also post my next ToV video here too, coming to you from the lofty heights of Wesnoth shiny! I just can't be sure that I'll get it done in time, so I'll post this early to make sure that we don't have any more....incidents.

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