Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Wednesday Quiz: Poster Boys

It's quiz time again! This week, it's nice and simple, all you have to do is name the band from their portrait as it appeared in Rolling Stone's 100 greatest artists of all time. Should be easy, right? Especially if you are familiar with my lack of taste in music.
(It was going to be TV show themes, but I just got stuck listening to Cheers and couldn't're lucky there's a quiz at all.)

A little bonus because I couldn't bear to leave them out


xandox said...

1. I won’t get fooled again, I’m guessing they’re The Who.
2. That looks like a very young version of The Rolling Stones
3. Queen. No brainer giving Freddie Mercury the crown there.
4. With that Beatles mop top hair yet there also being five of them I can safely say I have no idea. I’l guess The Kinks but that’s not a safe bet.
5. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave. The Eagles.
6. You’ve really got me here. Was Kenny Rodgers ever in a band?
7. Those two at the front look a lot like the Gallagher bros so I say Oasis.
8. They’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. They’re The Temptations.
As for the Bonus, I see a bridge over troubled waters and it leads straight to Simon and Garfunkel.

Michael5000 said...

Well golly. This is disconcertingly difficult.

1. The Who
2. The Rolling Stones, I think.
3. Led Zeppelin, I think, although I'm not sure why I think.
4. Crikey. The Kinks?
5. The dude in back of these hombres looks vaguely like Gordon Lightfoot, but I'm pretty sure not. Let's say, I dunno, Leonyrd Skinyrd, or however the hell you spell it?
6. Five suburban guys with a band that sometimes plays at community events.
7. I wish it were the Beastie Boys, but I have my doubts.
8. Er, one of them early soul combos. I could not say which.
Bonus: Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

Irac said...

We can do better on this one than previous weeks.
The who
Rolling stones
The byrds
The eagles
extra special bonus (thankyou) Simon and garfunkel

UnwiseOwl said...

1. The Who, points for all!
2. The Rolling Stones, 2,2,2
3. Queen. The Zepps had a burning ariship in the background and I thought it was too obvious. 3,2,3
4. It's the Byrds. The Kinks made the shortlist, but I cut them in preference to these guys. Cooler at pretty much everything. 3,2,4.
5. Eagles. 4,2,5
6. This is the Band. Tricky, sorry. 4,2,5
7. Beastie Boys. 4,3,5
8. Temptations. 5,3,6
9. Simon and Garfunkel. 6,4,7.
So, it turns out that even with the Beastie Boys thrown in (I love that portrait) I still listen to basically the music my parents listen to, and they're not yet senile enough to have forgotten what the bands all looked like. Nice work guys.