Wednesday 17 August 2016

The Wednesday Quiz Quiz

The quiz is a simple one this week. Just identify the quiz show from the view of the contestants featured in each picture. They're from the UK, US and Australia, so don't worry too much if you can't get them all. Drop your answers in the comments, and be thankful that there's not an audience of thousands watching if you mess it up!











Last Weeks Answers:
1) The UKs last executions were in 1964, and ours was in 1967. Australia by a nose!
2) The WNBA is the (Australian) Women's National Basketball Association, and the Capitals are from Canberra.
3) That's an Ionic capital. Doric is the one on the left.
4) Axis and Allies. The current versions have different win conditions.
6) That's the spirit descending on the disciples at Pentecost.
7) Bloemfontein is where the magic happens.
8) Capital letters were also known as majuscule.
9) Capitol Records is from Los Angeles
10) Per Stirpes is the one you don't hear that often.

Apparently this one was harder than I thought! Sorry about that! John carries the day with 4/10, with Ale just a point behind on 3.

Blaugust Writing Prompts
1) Got a great format for a TV show you want to share with the world?
2) Got any games that you'll never play again?
3) If you needed a game show mascot, what would it be?


Mark said...

1 The Weakest Link
2 Countdown
3 The Price Is Right?
4 University Challenge
5 I reckon I knew this once!
6 Rockwiz!
7 Jeopardy
8 Amazing
9 Something English about Cricket?
10 No idea.

xandox said...

Oooohh! Random quiz shows from different countries! Cool idea!

1. The Weakest Link
2. Countdown
3. The Price is Rite. Last time it was on channel 9 with Larry Emder.
4. University Challenge. I only discovered this show exists.
5. Don't know this one. The $64,000 question?
6. Rockwiz
7. I shall pose this in the style of the show. "What is Jeopardy?"
8. Amazing! Always wondered if that keyboard was actually real or just a prop.
9. Why are English cricketers on this show? Because they're trying to do something better than they did in the English side! BAM! The Chase?
10. Remember seeing this show once. Honestly can't remeber the name. It's not 1 vs. 100.

Alethea said...

Alrighty, let's give this a go.

1) The Weakest Link
2) Countdown
3) The price is right?
4) Eggheads?
5) Oh gosh I dunno
6) I dwasn't sure but is that Julia? Also Countdown
7) Jeopardy?
8) Looks oddly like the Sierra logo in the background there.
9) Every quiz show looks the same
10) Some kind of family feud type thing?

The M Cats said...


1) The weakest link
2) countdown
3) the price is right
4) University Challenge
5) complete guess: 'Im sorry I havent a clue' (one of two radio shows I can name)
6) Rockwiz
7) Jeopardy
8) Amazing
9) cant remember the name, boffins, or brainies or something like that, the one where they choose the person who answers questions against their person and then if they lose in the individual round they dont get to be a part of the final round. I'm giving myself a point for this I dont even care about your rules.
10) NO idea, but I think there is a quiz show called the 100, or the 99 or something like that.