Monday 2 September 2019

Another Blaugust is over

This post comes thanks to Coffee #1 Portswood, where I am currently sitting on a comfortable armchair sipping at an excellent flat white while I take full advantage of their favourable proximity to a mobile phone tower.

Mrs. Owl and I moved to Southampton a week ago now, but it's still more than a week until we'll be able to get an internet connection to our house, so my moments of connection to the world wide web have been limited to the occasional flashes of internet access my mobile phone can scrounge up and visits to the few shops around town that have customer wifi. The local library has internet access, but only on their computers, not via wifi, which is a fun little reminder of my high-school visits to my local library back in the dark ages of the early 2000's. The reference books are behind the staff desk too, and you have to ask in order to use them, which is all a little bit daunting for the naturally shy and retiring British, so I don't think that they get a lot of use.

While a week of desperate packing, cleaning and fond farewells followed by a week of living in the dark ages has slammed on the brakes of my Blaugust activities, both the production and consumption of blog posts, I'd like to take the opportunity to register my thanks to the Blaugust community for another enjoyable year. It's been great fun to discover new kindred spirits out there in the blogosphere, and particularly to enjoy the daily back and forth on the Blaugust discord channels. I'll have a big old backlog to catch up on once I finally re-load my Feedly, but I'm looking forward to it, and hope that at least a few people have been inspired to keep the blogs rolling on throughout the year.

As for me, I'm currently happily unemployed again, with lots of time to read, play, write, and explore my new home town, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to use some of that time to keep the Leaflocker alive and kicking instead of the traditional hibernation until next March. 

Do drop by every now and then, the kettle's on.
Your friend, wOl.