Saturday 1 September 2018

A Farewell to Blaugs

As another Blaugust finishes up, the staff here at the Leaflocker bid it a fond farewell. It hasn't been the most successful incarnation of our annual blogging festival by any measure, but as I said at the start of the month, there were a number of reasons why this August was unlikely to be a great blogging month, so I don't feel like I've let myself down given the hand that I was dealt this time around.

As I write, I am surrounded by overstuffed cardboard boxes and plastic bags, as we're halfway through moving our accumulated junk from our home of three years into a student flat for the next little while. The coming two days will likely be spent scrubbing the old place to try and remove the thin layer of grime that has formed there due to our long-maintained lackadaisical cleaning routine, but I'm not sure I'm really looking forward to living somewhere where someone else empties the bins again.

I might not have hit my goal of regular posting throughout the month or of in-depth engagement with many other bloggers that I'd hoped for, but all in all I'm pleased with what I was able to produce, the connections that I've forged and the discussions that I've been part of over the month, and for once at the completion of the month I feel able to continue posting two or three times a week: a feeling which, if justified, will undoubtedly make this one of my most successful Blaugusts after all.

I might not have gotten very good at this blogging thing, but much like the New York Times Crossword, I'm keen to keep giving it the old college try until I finally work out what I'm doing. I hope that along the way I can help to give you something interesting to think about now and then if you'll do me the favour of sticking around for a while.

Talk to you next time,