Wednesday 29 February 2012

Blarch is a Six Letter Word

Well, it appears that I'm incapable of summoning the energy for an ongoing blogging project without badgering other people into doing the same thing, so with a suprisingly minimal amount of badgering and only a moderate amount of foxing, we're getting the band back together and following up our smash hit "Septemblag" with our new peice "Blarch". I'd like to think "Blarch" has a new fresh sound that demonstrates where we're currently at, but I'm the drummer, and drumming is generally just drumming, so expect more of the same from me.

More of the same means more Friday ties, Wednesday Quizzes, Tuesday Book Reviews, and Monday Miscellaneous Papery, joined by some kind of Sports and Gamesey Thursday content and maybe the occasional super exciting thing on weekends too. So if you've been a fan of the general thrust of this here publication in recent times then you're in luck. If you're not keen on more of what I persist in referring to as Thomly Goodness, you're also in luck, because there are other things purported to be happening out in Blarch too...

Ale is getting back into the art, John insists he's going to do some writing, and James says he'll blow up significant parts of the country if he doesn't, and who knows, even Jimmy might get in on the action with a little coding.

And of course, this is your chance, dear reader, to sign up for Blarch and help us all blog our way towards April. Drop me a line in the comments and I'll know to go looking.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

The Wednesday Quiz (iii.i) Lords a'Leaping

With the decline and fall of that once-great institution and spiritual blogmother of this here publication, Michael5000's Wednesday Quiz, it is once again up to the antipodes to provide your weekly dose of Quiztime goodness. Thus the editors are proud to announce a new season of quizzes here at the Leaflocker, on a range of topics determined by fancy and if all else fails, trawling of wikipedia. The rules shall be as follows:

-There shall be 15 approximately weekly quizzes of 10 questions of equal weight, normally in the form of pictures stolen from the internet.

-Entry is open to all and sundry, provided that they are willing and able to submit their answers to the comments before the next quiz is posted.

-Entrants should solemnly vow to consult no other persons, nor to seek to obtain the answer or information leading to the answer from any source other than their own brain prior to entering their answers.

-Each entrant shall have up to one free point on one question each week provided that they admit their total ignorance of a subject moderately relevant to the question. (If the question is to name a pictured country in a map of Africa, the answer "Pass. I know nothing about African geography" would be acceptable, while "Free pass for me, I'm a squirrel" would not). Acknowledgement of ignorance will be taken as a declaration of intention to educate oneself on the aforementioned subject.

-The entrant with the highest total score taken from the aggregate of their best ten results for the season shall be declared the winner. This title may not be worth very much.

-Tie-breaks shall be determined by the aggregate of the best best eleven results, or if still tied, twelve results, et cetera.

-The editorship reserves the right to award bonus points for particularly clever or amusing answers, be they right or wrong, up to a total of ten points.

-Disputes on the rules will be entered into with any interested party, but any decision of the editorial team made ex cathedra shall be considered infallable.

With the ground rules set, let's get this show on the road. This week you, the entrant, must attempt to name each of these persons prominent in the field of leaping.


Post your answers below in accordance with your sense of honair.

Monday 27 February 2012

Guess Who's Back?

...and ready for blogging...

(It's me)