The Leaflocker

Thanks for dropping by. Come on in. The kettle's on and I swear there's most of a packet of biscuits around here somewhere...

The Leaflocker is a bit of a mess, I know, but it's my mess, and I like it this way. It's a personal diary, a museum of failed projects, a travel log, a miscellany of collected titbits. There's no overall plan, no lasting schedule and no promise that any given post that promises follow-up will actually be followed up on once the cold light of day hits.

In many ways, the blog an accurate depiction of my life, lots of bits and pieces with no real overarching plan, but it's mildly amusing for me and I hope occasionally diverting for others, too. If you see something that you like, do let me know, most things have a good story behind them and I do like telling stories.

Because the Leaflocker is MY blog, it spends a lot of time discussing the things that interest me, including but not limited to board games, Christianity, Australia, video games, books, card games, Oxford, cartoons, popes, cartoons about popes, elections, neckties and food. Maybe one day future scientists will be able to recreate a simulation of me from my musings here, but I hope that they don't.

Enjoy yourself while you're here, and do come again soon. I do so enjoy visitors.

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