Wednesday 3 August 2016

Cover Cover Versions

This Blaugust been thinking about why I got into blogging in the first place and what exactly it is that I get out of it that makes me keep going (if 'keep going' is a term that can be applied to these somewhat infrequent ramblings). I've not stumbled across too many answers, but in the process I've been flicking through the archives, and it's been handy for collecting ammunition for quizzes, if nothing else.

Before Blaugust was even a twinkle in anybody's eye, I did my first Wednesday Quiz (in exile), which asked readers to identify a selection of Australian novels from their covers. Since I'm no longer resident in Australia, I thought it might be fun to revisit the concept with a little bit of a Britannic spin. Just identify the book by the information on the cover and leave your answers in the comments.













How many of them did you get because of their movies?

It's amazing how much easier this was to create with British authors instead of Antipodean ones. Now to see if it's easier to solve, as well!

You don't need Blaugust prompts on a Wednesday, surely? Just pick a topic and make a quiz about it!


Mark said...

1. A Clockwork Orange
2. 1984
3. The Silmarillion
5. Gold-FINGUH
6. James and the Giant Peach?
7. The Player of Games?
8. The Satanic Verses? (Only Rushdie title I remember!)
9. The Jungle Book? (Same deal >_>)
11. A Perfect Spy? Bit of a stab.

John said...

1. A Clockwork Orange
2. Nineteen Eighty-Four seems too obvious but it's probably not Animal Farm and the other likely options are too long-winded to fit. So, uh, Nineteen Eight-Four.
3. The Silmarillion (though really it could just be The Hobbit with a bizarre cover)
4. The Amber Spyglass
5. Goldfinger
6. James and the Giant Peach
7. The Player of Games (dear lord the USA is bad at SF covers)
8. The Satanic Verses (I know nothing else about Rushdie so I’ll opt for the easy one)
9. Just So Stories
10. No idea!
11. Also no idea :(
12. Out Of The Silent Planet. Oh Lewis, you and your Tolkien-insert fanfiction.

James Picone said...

1. Clockwork Orange
2. 1984
3. The Silmarillion (I own this edition!)
4. The Amber Spyglass
5. Some James Bond Book About James Bond, Spy At Large
6. Roald Dahl's Trauma for Children
7. Player of Games
8. The Satanic Verses?
9. The Jungle Book
10. ?
11. ?
12. ? but I feel like I should probably know this one

xandox said...

Ok. Here I go.

1. A Clockwork Orange
2. Nineteen Eighty-four
3. The Samarian
4. The Amber Spyglass (Not as good as the other two books. THe Subtle Knife if the best one.)
5. Goldfinger
6. Rohl Dahl and the adventures of the book I don't remember.
7. No Idea
8. The Satanic Verses
9. The Jungle Book
10. Still No Idea
11. Well, I'm lost. It was a good attempt while it lasted.
12. The Chronicles of Narnia; The Last Battle in Space?

Well it wouldn't be a Thom quiz if I wasn't good at it.

xandox said...

Also wouldn't be a Shaun comment if I could spell.

A Person said...

Oh boy
1. Clockwork Orange
2. 1984
3. The Silmarillion (spelling?????)
4. The Amber Spyglass (great book)
5. Goldfinger?
6. James and the Giant Peach
7. Too Niche For Me (obviously that's what it's called)
8. The Satanic Verses
9. Just So Stories
11. Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy?--no! No! Wait! The Constant Gardener (cheated by checking our bookshelf and there were bees on it)
12. Out of the Silent Planet (I think)

Alethea said...

1) Nope. Something about androids?
2) 1984
3) The... Hobbit?
4) The Amber Spyglass? Glad you didn't go with the second.
5) I have no idea. Doctor No doesn't seem long enough to fill the blacked out area, but.
6) I didn't know it and then suddenly it clicked. James and the Giant Peach.
7) Probably the Player of Games
8) I should know it because it's notorious or something, can't think of the title
9) The Jungle Book?
10) Nope. Was gonna guess something like The Outsiders but the testimonial says it's funny...
11) Nope.
12) Nope.

Joe said...

Lovely blog you have heree