Wednesday 10 August 2016

A Capital Idea

Well folks, it's Wednesday again, so that means it's time for our weekly trivia quiz. I had a real corker for you all this week, but it was going to take too long, so I'll have to do it later on. Then I came up with a replacement idea, did all the groundwork and realised that it would also have to wait until later in the month due to time constraints. So here we are, Quiz version 3. Nothing fancy, just trivia, or I might go off on another flight of fancy and we'll never get a post up. I'm five hours behind schedule as it is...

1) Capital punishment, or execution, is somewhat out of fashion in the West these days. Which of Australia and the United Kingdom most recently carried out their final executions?

2) The Capitals play basketball in the WNBA . Which city do they represent?

3) As any classicist worth their salt would be able to tell you, there are three main types of capitals for Greek architectural columns. Which variety is the central one here?

4) In (all early versions of) which classic Avalon Hill board game can either side win either by economic victory or by controlling two enemy capital cities?


6) Which scene is depicted in this illuminated capital found in a 14th century bible?

7) South Africa is one of a handful of countries that designate multiple cities as their capitals. Cape Town is the legislative capital, Pretoria is the Executive capital, which city is their Judicial capital?

8) In type, lower-case letters are sometimes referred to as minuscule letters. What similar term is used for capitals?

9) This is the Capitol Records building, home of the music publishing giant. In which US city is it situated?

10) Many useful statistical measures are taken per capita, or 'for each head', but some measures (such as many in the recent Australian census), are taken 'for each family unit'. How do say that in Latin?

Good luck everyone.

The answers from last week were as follows:
1) A Clockwork Orange
2) 1984
3) Silmarillion
4) Amber Spyglass
5) Goldfinger
6) James and the Giant Peach
7) Player of Games
8) Satanic Verses
9) Just So Stories
10) Lucky Jim
11) Constant Gardener
12) Out of the Silent Planet.

Not many Kingsley Amis fans out there, but all in all, a very good week to everyone. Have I become predictable, or are you guys just getting smarter? Long-time quiz stalwart John and first-timer Emma both got 10 points, so let's see if we can break the tie this week.

Blaugust Writing Prompts
1) Write a quiz. Quizzes are easy.


John said...

1) I'm going to say Australia. It was the early 70s, I think? Maybe the late 60s?
2) Welp I'm going to go for the obvious answer and say Canberra.
3) Doric?
4) Since you've gone out of your way to specify *early*, I'm going to guess at Diplomacy.
5) Um, Guyana and Suriname are both in South America. But as far as the question itself goes I'm left guessing - shall we say a wild guess at Madagascar?
6) I'm just going to go for the cheap-shot answer and say it's Noah and his family seeing the dove after the flood.
7) Bloemfontein. ;)
8) Cheeky guess at "pluscule".
9) Jacksonville?
10) per familia?

John said...

Having subsequently looked up who does and doesn't use dollars in Africa, I think your question needs to be changed; Liberia is in the northwest, well above the equator - I don't think anyone would consider it "southern". :P

Alethea said...

1) I love a good coinflip question. I'm completely unaware of when the UK had their last execution. But I have some vague knowledge of when we had ours so uh, Australia I guess.
2) Washington DC? What country is the WNBA based in?
3) Errrrm. Let's make up something fancy. Like coronet. Or uhhhhh curlicue.
4) I'm struggling to even think what games are by this publisher. I honestly can't think of games we play that have (multiple) capital cities in them. Diplomacy?
5) Is South Africa a republic?
6) Looks New Testament-y. But part of me wants to say it's something to do with the Angel of Death passing through Egypt. But they all look saintly... I'm going with the Pentecostal Speaking Tongues thing.
7) I don't know any other South African cities.
8) Embiggened.
9) Chicago?
10) Per villa :P