Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blaugust 22/31: Siege of Silvium - Part 2

This is my 22nd post for Blaugust 2015.

Where did today go? How can that possibly be the time? I had so much more that I needed to get done today, but here I am writing a blog post! What happens to my priorities during Blaugust every year?

There's a video uploading at the moment. It's not going to be ready by the time I leave for the engagement party that our Trello page says is of emergency importance. It seems Trello is running my life now. Since I'm probably not going to be home before midnight, I'm going to stick this one up now and just hope that everything works, or at least that if it doesn't that you guys will forgive me for my recalcitrance.

Things didn't go completely to plan with the recording of the video, but at least this way the feature film is only 25 minutes instead of the hour that the original one was going to be. I also had to crush a bunch of commentary into about half the time, so I hope that everything makes sense and that I didn't miss anything important. 

I gotta go, but when the video uploads, I hope that you enjoy it.

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