Saturday, 29 August 2015

Blaugust 29/8: NombreHombre Plays Nidhogg

This is post 29 of 31 for Blagust.

Normally, Saturdays are the day when we sit down and play some Wesnoth, but I've been having all sorts of technical issues getting the recordings to work properly lately, and today no combination of good things did the business. In desperation, I turned to my good friend Nidhogg to provide some bloggy content, and she gracefully obliged.

Nighogg is a cute little game that's been causing great mirth in our household on a semi-regular basis in the last few months, so much mirth that the only thing that has even close to compared is Octodad: Dadliest Catch. None of us are really getting any better, but we all feel better for the occasional throwndown. There's just something very satisfying about stabbing your friends in the face repeatedly that makes this particular video game such a joy.

These little simple games that are becoming so common thanks to things like Steam Greenlight are wonderful, as they're often the only types of games that can realistically be played together with friends in the same room. It's probably a product of a long time without a decent internet connection, but I'm a sucker for any game that lets me pull out my pc after a long day and play with a friend, and that experience is getting harder and harder to find. Thank heavens for the Nidhogg's on the world, that's what I say.

Since Nidhogg more or less worked for recording purposes, well, some of it is off the screen, but you get the idea, at least, here's an attempt at completing the single-player mode that I tried out today. Like most games, this one is better with friends, but I seem to manage to enjoy myself at least a little bit in single player mode, so I'm glad that it's an option, even if the AI is...not that smart.

Just a couple more days to go, fellow Blaugustines. We can do it!

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C. T. Murphy said...

My girlfriend and I sometimes play this on the PS4. We always have a good time, even though it is such a simple game!