Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blaugust 27/31: Cricket is Terrible

Blaugust. Day 27. That's a big innings.

I wanted to do a post about the world of cricket, because the Ashes are finished and I've been very good about the whole thing. If you're not into that, maybe go put in a last minute vote in the tie election that will close at 6PM ACST, or do yesterday's quiz, or go read a good blaug or something. 


In case you're not aware by now, I'm a cricket enthusiast, about to move to England for a period of about three years. There are two terrible things about this. 

First, the Australian men just lost the Ashes to the English, the most important cricketing trophy there is (though I'm sure there are soem Indians that would disagree), and the cricketing rivalry between our two nations is such that I am going to suffer because of it. Thankfully, Dennis has me covered with a bunch of handy tips on that front. I'm personally hoping that the Australian women will win their Ashes back this weekend so that I can at least go with that arrow in my quiver (in other news, one of these games is actually going to be televised on Australian free-to-air TV, which is HUGE!).

The second terrible thing is that the Ashes just happened, I'm going to England, the home of cricket for three years, and the Ashes, the most important cricketing event on the calendar, happens in England about every four years. In other words, I'm going to spend three years in a rainy hellhole and not even see the Ashes, and just to rub salt in the wound I'll miss the Ashes once in Australia while I'm at it, and to watch it I'm going to have to invest in a Televsion License, because those are still a thing in the UK, for some reason. But don't worry, if the cost is a problem you can still get a black-and-white license for a third of the price.

If you're from the BBC, using your surveillance powers (that the BBC even has surveillance powers is ANOTHER WHOLE POST) to find my blog because I mentioned television licensing, let me just say that that is creepy. And that Test Match Special is the best. And that you guys should really get your act together and win Eurovision again some time soon.

That's all I have today. Thanks for dropping by.

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