Wednesday 31 August 2011

The Wednesday Quiz II.V: Where in the World is...

With this post, the Leaflocker editorial team has achieved our goal of posting each and every weekday of blAugust. There will be punch and crackers all around. The chief editor has informed me that the board has determined that Leaflocker service will continue uninterrupted in Septemblag, so stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel, for more batty fun.

Everyone's favourite quiz format "Pin the Tail on the Country" is back, bigger than ever. Put the world's most superlative places in their correct grid squares without looking them up to have your chance to win the fabulous prize that is my love and respect. I'm a fickle mistress.

1. Highest mountain
2. Smallest country
3. Lowest land area
4. Tallest building
5. Highest population city
6. Densest population city
7. Deepest part of ocean
8. Longest rail tunnel
9. Tallest waterfall
10. Hottest city

Leave your answers in the comments, and the results will be there this time next week.


Sylvia said...

This makes me feel somewhat ignorant, but only one of the guesses has no reasoning behind it:

o3, k2, o2, q4, n3, l5, b6, k2, l4, l3

John said...
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John said...

1. o3 - if it's l3 then I am sad.
2. k2.
3. Pretty poorly defined, but I'm going to go for q6 for Lake Eyre. If canyons and stuff count then NFI.
4. Currently m3, I believe.
5. d3!
6. r2.
7. q4, I will say. Would not be surprised if it is in fact r4.
8. Pretty sure it's around the intersection of j1/k1/j2/k2.
9. f4.
10. Let's go with m3 again!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like this kind of quiz!
1.o3 (Mt Everest)
2.p4 (Singapore)
3.l3 (Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan)
4.m3 (Dubai)
5.d3 (Mexico City)
6.r2 (Tokyo?)
7.t3 (Mariana Trench)
8.k2 (Switzerland)
9.l5 (East Africa somewhere?)
10.o2 (Ulaan Bataar?)

Michael5000 said...

Aw hell, I neglect the Reader for a month and you go on a tear.

1 03
2 k2, with about 40 asterisks
3 l2/3
4 this week? Probably m3
5 r2, or d3, etc.
6 G'wan, you've got a definitive answer for THAT? Let's say o3, asterisk asterisk asterisk.
7 Ooh! ...r2?
8 k1/2?
9 f5ish
10 Right this second it's apparently Mesa (Phoenix, basically), or d2. I'd have to guess the hottest average town is Khartoum or N'djanema -- let's cut a caper and say k4.