Monday 8 August 2011

The Leaflocker Week in Review

Well, we are currently a week into the August blagofest, and enthusiasm for the project is high here in the leaflocker editorial offices. The new projects seem to be relatively well-received, and the action of actually posting once a days is proving to be an enjoyable process for the time being. It's time to go over the current projects and make recommendations, and the readership is encouraged to let us know what they like and would like to see more of, or more likely what projects could do with dismemberment and storage in a suitable disused bank vault, in the comments area below.

Current goal of 5 posts a day has been adhered to, although Wednesday did run a few hours late due to technical issues. The other participants also all managed some output, which is an encouraging start to the month, however the amount of output has been greatly hampered by sickness and new employment. We here at the Leaflocker have chosen to remain silent on this point, and will begin the heckling next week if matters do not improve, acknowledging that it is slightly easier to post a few random thoughts or photos than it is to produce a new computer program or masterpiece of literature. Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night shall stay mine ridicule next week, however.

Reading Project: Going well, although some space will need to be cleared on the floor of the editorial offices to allow more easy access to the shelves, which are proving difficult to get at. This week's book reading has been interrupted by an emergency reading project which is proving very interesting, but may interfere with Tuesday's intended review. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Enjoyable to create, but the lack of response suggests that the quiz last week was either too difficult or just badly timed for the majority of the audience. We will refrain from posting results for a little longer to allow more entrants, and attempt to scale down the diffficulty a little bit for this week.

Wreck This Journal:
Was fun to post, although a little unstructured. Need to get a bit more of a plan for the overall structure of the project and then get some more wrecking done by this Thursday Wednesday's dinner is shaping up to be a splattery one...

Ties: The tie project now involves watching episodes of Tintin as well as simply looking dashing and handsome. We'll have to see if we can find the time to pull this off.

Crosswords: There's a nice little number in the works at the moment, but it's currently stalled looking for a few more difficult entries, it could be a while until it's posted, particularly if I have to re-work the bottom left corner. The theme should be a little less absurdly obscure than the last, since it is themeless.

Real life: The premier distraction has departed safely for Canada, and due to what we at the leaflocker are happy to chalk up to devine intervention (the other option would seem to be the compassion of immigration officials, we think we're choosing the more likely of the two) has even managed to gain a working visa for entry into the country.

Blog changes: We've tried to make a few little changes around the blog, with the addition of the blogroll and revision of the projects links, but it was done a little haphazardly and most of it seems to be malfunctioning. I'm sure we'll fix it sometime.

With the readership all up to date, so begins the second week of August. The Leaflocker would like you wish you all joy in your exploits, be they digital or analogue, and looks forward to hearing all about them in your blog. You should get a blog, we hear everyone was doing it ten years ago, so it must be more or less ready to come back in again. You know you want to be cool just like the editorial staff of the leaflocker, don't you? Everyone does.


Michael5000 said...

"Episodes of Tintin"?

UnwiseOwl said...

I have been lent a DVD featuring the complete run of the TV series "Adventures of Tintin", which as I understand it includes all of the published Tintin comic book adventures (bowlerised and made more politically correct for a modern audience, of course), except 3, which were cut for various reasons. This TV show was on TV when I was in primary school, around the same time as I was reading the comics. Tintin must have been cool at the time. Should be fun, although not quite as fun as reading the comic books again.

Michael5000 said...