Monday 1 August 2011

The Augustinians

It’s been a long time between drinks here at the Leaflocker, but now that one major distraction is out of the way and the other is about to flee the country after some traumatising experiences, I figure that it’s time for a more regular diet of miscellanea to keep me occupied in the twilight hours.

To such an end, beginning today, the first of August, the Leaflocker will be take up a blag chollenge of producing new content at a rate of at least five posts a week. To aid me in this task, goad me on to new heights, and heckle continuously, allow me to introduce you to my three fellow participants, who just happen to be my regular late-night cards opponents (whether they’re playing on my team or not) and also happen to have blogs almost as irregularly updated as mine.

John , aside from his unfortunate tendency to bid no trumps instead of real suits, keeps a writing blog that puts my meandering prose to shame. If his work for an upcoming Advance Wars hack that makes my fanboy senses tingle isn’t enough for you, he apparently does some other writing that’s pretty good, or something. Anyway, he’s also aiming for five posts a week, but unlike here at the Leaflocker, they’ll be five inventive, intelligent and interesting pieces of quality prose. That won’t prevent me heckling him mercilessly if he fails to reach this ambitious target, however.

Ale , despite suffering from a chronic disease that causes her to bid misère at any and every perceived oppportunity, keeps an art blog that occasionally even has art on it. Suprising, right? Speaking for the artless, it's generally a pretty informative and interesting little number, much like the lady herself. She's going for three posts a week, which is a steep ask if you ask me. Then a again, any updates at all is a steep ask if you look through the archives here at the Leaflocker.

Jimmy, though he couldn't make an indication bid to save his life, is a pretty competent programmer, or at least he's good enough to fool a neophyte. He comes home from coding all day and then makes code for fun, which he shares with the rest of us. Or would, if he could ever be bothered actually posting. I'm pretty sure that most of the jokes go over my head. Jimmy isn't so sure about this blogging thing ,so we'll wait and see whether we can goad him into actually doing anything.

And I, aside from hypocritically complaining about bidding styles, will be restarting on the "jack of all trades, master of none" routine, with ramblings, quizzes, crosswords, pope jokes and assorted miscellania made up of half thought out content and mind-numbing filler like this little number until all seven of you are heartily sick of me. In other words, I might manage about a week if I'm really well behaved.

If you'd care to join us, get writing, or drawing, or coding, or whatever it is that you people do, and drop us a line in the comments so that we can heckle to our hearts content. It promises to be a lot of fun.


Alethea said...

Jack of all at least means you have all the Bowers. Bauers? Baubloggers.

Michael5000 said...


If you're in danger of missing quota, feel free to cut and paste any of my drivel. FIVE POSTS A WEEK OR BUST!!!

Joanna said...

Finish the quizzes! I was winning! :(