Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wednesday Quiz in Exile XI: Location, Location, Location

The penultimate week of the first season of the Wednesday-Quiz-in-Exile is a game of photo-identification. Below are 12 sets of three photos, all taken in or of one of Australia's World Heritage Areas. All you have to do is name the location (or the World Heritage Area, where it has a different name (two ways to win!)) to score the points.

Name that place.
Please leave your answers in 300x200px format in the comments.


UnwiseOwl said...

It becomes obvious from these photos that my favourite vistas are waterfalls and long mountain ranges disappearing into the distance, doesn't it?

Aviatrix said...

I hope it doesn't wound you too much to realize that if it doesn't have a kangaroo in it, foreigners don't recognize your country.

1. Sydney Opera House - I'm not sure why Australia has decided to push this so hard as a national symbol, but it may be the most recognizable thing in the country after the kangaroo.
2. Uluru - I like the top down shot best.
3. Victoria Abbey - It's cathedral-y, and has to be named after something.
4. Kakadoo National Park - I don't remember you mentioning the pleistosaur, though.
5. Little Desert - A beach, a dingo and a shipwreck walked into a sandbar.
6. Adelaide - It's a city. I'm expected to know which one? You said it was pretty.
7. South Penguin Island - Awww, penguins! Cute penguins!
8. Kakadoo National Park - Looks like the same cliff to me. Or maybe it's in New Zealand.
9. Great Australian Desert
10. National Yellow and Black Bird Park of Australia
11. Whitsunday Island
12. National Blue and Black Bird Park of Australia - What in the name of things I can't name is that bird wearing on its head?

UnwiseOwl said...

That is a cassowary that thinks it's a pope. It's a common thing, with cassowaries.
Thanks for having a shot, Avi. With the second season I'll stop with the stupidly Australian quiz thing, I promise.

Michael5000 said...

1. Why, that would be the world famous Sydney Opera House!

2. That's where the girls disappear in "Picnic at Hanging Rock." Let's call it "Hanging Rock"!

3. That is the ruins of, um, the first European cathedral at the original settlement of, say, Sydney.

4. One of Australia's many lovely national parks.

5. Some sort of coast. The [Something] Coast!

6. Melbourne? The building looks guvmental, and the streets look planned, but it looks too big for Canberra.

7. Some sort of god-forsaken polar island to which Australia lays claim.

8. Mesa Verde, Colorado. Tricky!

9. Clearly someplace in china.

10. This would be the mangrove forest on the North Coast that gave those Victorian bumblers such a hard time.

11. New Zealand. Tricky!

12. The Emu Grotto.

w00t!!! 12/12!!!

Aviatrix said...

Michael, considering that I know you have too much integrity (and also sense) to cheat off of me, it's remarkable how similar our answers are. We both got in that little "if it's really scenic, it's probably in New Zealand" dig, and made desperate references to the previous quizzes in about the same places. Unwise Owl, you'll have to find some genuine Australians to compete here, or else one of Michael and me will have to win.

Aviatrix said...

Also, can't any of your birds FLY?

UnwiseOwl said...

I don't think that there are any genuine Australians left.
And no, they don't.

Alethea said...

Flying is for chumps.

Alethea said...

If you're having trouble with the ultimate quiz, maybe you can just copy one from someone else...

Aviatrix said...

I got one point on Oprah's quiz, and it wasn't as much fun as UO's.

Aviatrix said...

Oprah's quiz was also wrong, claiming that Australians invented aspirin in 1915. And that you don't all ride kangaroos to work.

Alethea said...

Spreading confusion and disinformation sounds like a good ol' Aussie prank, however.