Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Wednesday Quiz II.IV: Name That Monkey!

In honour of Ace reporter Barb and her fellows at the ABC in this difficult time, this week's quiz will be: Name That Monkey! The quality will be low because this is in a bit of a rush because my computer has finally actually died, and an iPad is not ideal for blog editing. Please put your answers in the comments and refrain from the most henious crime of googling.

3. (on the right)
5. (on the left)
7. (under the hat)


Joanna said...

Donkey Kong
The monkey in the Pirates of the Caribbean series?
...the dude in Planet of the Apes
King Kong
Something to do with Jane Goodall?
Bananas Gonzales
Pass (I don't want to make up a funny name for something that looks religious)

Anonymous said...

1. Tiger (short for Tie Gorilla)
2. Jack (Pirates of the Caribbean)
3. Chimp about to be eaten by python (therefore name doesn't matter)
4. Some dude from Planet of the Apes
5. King Kong
6. Can't remember - probably a friend of Margaret Mead
7. Curious George
8. Flying High the Monkey did mean the one in the middle? the all look like chumps
10. Kali?

UnwiseOwl said...

1. Donkey Kong, of video game fame.
2. Jack, from some Pirate films.
3. Bubbles, close friend of Michael Jackson.
4. Dr. Cornelius from the Planet of the Apes films.
5. Gorilla Grodd, an apparently much less prominent Flash villain than I imagined. He is a telepathic, superstrong, evil gorilla: What's not to like?
6. Koko, the famous signing gorilla.
7. Curious George (in his new TV incarnation)
8. Miss Baker, one of the incredible Ape-O-Nauts sent into space before humans by NASA. Baker was one of the few to survive.
9. Debbie (or "Bloop"), from Lost in Space.
10. Hanuman, Hindu deity.

That's it for another week, thanks for playing, and we'll see you next time.