Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Longest Quiz

Thanks to the wonders of the infinite canvas, here is the complete quiz for your delectation, a mere 14 hours later than intended. Simply let us know in the comments what each string of flags represents, and earn the admiration and respect of some people on the internet. The gentleman's agreement mentioned in this morning's post still stands.



My advice? Why, I'm flattered that you asked. Think logically, take your time, eliminate the impossible, and then guess wildly if required. I won't judge you, much.

If you're still not satisfied will all this quizzing and need some more, Uncle5000 has a quiz on today, too.


Michael5000 said...

String 1: Some sort of Cricket business. Confidence level: high.

String 2: USA, Stralia, and Switzerland. That's messed up. No clue.

String 3: Consumption of Fosters. Confidence level: low.

String 4: Well, those are all very recent countries, except for Switzerland sitting right there in the middle. Did a new country adopt the Swiss look while I wasn't looking? I'm going to say new countries, post-USSR. Confidence level: high.

This is a freaking brilliant format by the way.

String 5: Surely you jest.

String 6: Probably United Nations Interventions. Confidence level: high.

String 7: Probably a soccer thing, like who won the Quiddich Cup or whatever. Confidence level: medium.

String 8: Newest flags, baby! Confidence level: high.

String 9: Pretty random, with repeats, which makes me think it might be some sort of sporting business again. Confidence level: low.

String 10: Mostly rather small but not incredibly small countries that otherwise have nothing in common. Clearly you are mad. MAD!!! Confidence level: low.

UnwiseOwl said...

Congratulations to M5000, who by virtue of actually submitting answers is the undisputed champion of the Leaflocker Wednesday Quiz, Season II, Part I.
I saw quite a few people thinking about these over the week, so I’m glad, but there’s no points for playing along at home. Here’s the answers, if you don’t want to know until you’ve entered yours, look away now:

1. Some sort of cricket business indeed. These are the cricket world cup winners since its inception in 1975, including the distinctive give-away flag of West Indies Cricket.
2. With 27 straight wins for the US, this can only be the jewel in the crown of international sailing, the America’s cup.
3. I was more than a little bit mean here. This was the last ten host nations of the Olympic games, both summer and winter, including a few that haven’t happened yet. Probably a bit obscure, if I say so myself.
4. M5000 is right, these are predominately new countries, but Switzerland throws a spanner into the works. The answer is these are the countries joining the UN in recent times. Switzerland, despite being the host nation, was not a full UN member until 2002, being too neutral even for the UN, or something. Now you know.
5. All those Soviets, with an American in the middle, that has to be all the Chess world champions since Steinitz. Austria-Hungary threw a spanner in the works for most people, I know.
6. Current UN interventions, indeed. Not sure how the Indians and Pakistanis would feel about having their flags mushed together like that, but I think it’s sort of fetching.
7. These are the winners of the soccer world cups. Sorry for all the sporting ones, guys, but I guess I just think about sport a lot. At least they weren’t all cricket.
8. These are the newest flags on the block, nationally speaking, as recognised by the Australian government to be precise, which explains the presence of Kosovo and the Libyan Republic.
9. These were the runners-up of for the soccer world cup. Looks like people on blogs on the internet aren’t that sports-mad, who would have thunk it?
10. These are the newest members of the Commonwealth of Nations. “But Owlie”, I hear you say, “Mozambique and Rwanda weren’t British colonies, what’s going on?”. To which I reply “Who knows, man? Who knows? That’s some crazy junk right there”.

John said...

1. Cricket world cup, without a doubt.

2. America's Cup :P

3. Summer and Winter Olympics starting from 2000.


7. World cup winners up to the present day.

9. World cup runners up?

Don't think I can make an honest effort at any of the rest.

UnwiseOwl said...

I stand corrected. Some people only get the sports ones. You guys are a mixed bunch, aren't you?