Friday, 12 August 2011

Tie of the Week

Week two in my tie-wearing project, and this week was going to have to be a less interesting tie than last week's, as how can a humble patterned tie ever hope to measure up to Tintin?

This is me as I was dressed on Wedneday night when I was at the theatre, complementary Ken Clarke eyeglasses and all, and wearing this week's snazzy tie, which is not only attractive with a range of plain shirts of any colour, but is also Teflon coated. That's right, I could fry an egg on this baby on a hot day and it'd wipe right off. You just know that's gonna come in handy some day

Tie Number:002
Designation: Polytetrafluoroethtielene
Provenance: Op-shop, 2009
Manufacture: Unknown
No. of Comments: 1 (Low)
Most Favourable Comment: "Looking Swell!"
Least Favourable Comment: "Looking Swell!"
Observations: I didn't know that Teflon ties were a thing, but I don't have the courage to spill stuff on it just in case it won't come clean, I like this tie.

Tune in next week for yet another tie-related post.


Alethea said...

It took me five hours to get the pun in this post's title...

UnwiseOwl said...

There isn't a pun in this post's title...