Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Wednesday Quiz II.II: Mappage

That's right, ladies and gentlemen of the internet. It is once again Wednesday, and that means it's time for another quiz, this week based around the world map. This weeks quiz is brought to you by the wonders of the internet, the gentlemanly rules of single quiz combat and the number ten.
Each of the maps below represents some aspect of the modern world, in diplomatic, sporting and demographic spheres of all colours, but it's up to you to work out what. Seriously, only you can save mankind.
Please put you answers to what each of the following maps represents in the comments to this post. Creativity earns points too, in case you're stuck, but not as many points as the correct answers.


Don't be afraid, logical thinking, process of elimination and educated guessing will get you most of the way.

Last week's quiz answers are now up!


Alethea said...

iii) Commonwealth countries? I'd say I'll be back to check on this later and give more answers but we all know that's a lie.

Joanna said...

i. Producers of coffee
ii. Producers of rice
iii. Commonwealth countries?
iv. Something to do with high population
v. Countries named "The United States of America"
vi. Something to do with a war?
vii. countries with low GDP?
viii. G8 countries?
ix. Highest vodka consumption
x. Places Thom does not want to live

John said...

Welp here we are. VII has still eluded me!

i. Portugese-speaking countries.
ii. Communist nations.
iii. Cricket-playing nations.
iv. United Nations Security Council members.
v. American Football playing nations (or anything else that consists of the USA and nothing else :/)
vi. The G8.
vii. No idea! It's quite a puzzle.
viii. Monarchies (constitutional and otherwise)
ix. Nations that practice whaling.
x. Nations whose flag is a horizontal tricolour! (>:O)

That vii is a real bitch. Most of southeast asia, but no India; a whole bunch of middle-eastern nations but no Syria; and the UK and scandinavia but no continental europe. Whatever could it be?

UnwiseOwl said...

Thanks to all for participating. I hope you're enjoying these as much as I enjoy dreaming them up. John is pretty much completely on the money, as always.
i. Brazil, Africa and part of the Iberian? This had to be Portugese-speaking countries (although they do make a lot of coffee).
ii. Communist governments (I don't think they grow that much rice in Cuba, but I may be wrong there).
iii. The difference between commonwealth nations and cricket-playing ones is effectively that this map includes Ireland. These are the top 14 members and affiliates of the ICC.
iv. UN Security Council (who make up a very large proportion of the world's population just at this minute).
v. These are the nations that play in the Baseball World Series (or anything else that is US-exclusive).
vi. The G8 indeed. I was going to use the G20, but this map just looks so delightfully Northern.
vii. The black horse question this week was: (drumroll please) Countries with a recognised state religion! Scandanavia has state religions, despite being the most irreligious area on earth, not ALL the Arabic nations are officially Muslim, and the nations in Europe proper which have state religions are so small that they don't show up.
viii. Monarchies indeed (I thought I could throw people by adding the constitutionals in there, but dang), there are a lot more than 8 of these, so it couldn't possibly be the G8.
ix. These are the whaling nations. They also drink a lot of vodka.
x. These are the countries with unemblazoned horizontal tricolours. I meant to prepare a pretty little rainbow graphic of their flags, but got distracted by popes.
Good luck next week.

Michael5000 said...

Not looking!

1. OK, that would be the lusosphere.

2. Semiunreconstructed commies, and North Korea.

3. The British Empire minus chunks plus, um, Belgium? Weird. Stumped.

4. Well it ain't oil without Norway. It ain't population without Indonesia. It ain't the Bomb without Pakistan. Sheeeeit.

5. Countries in which Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" is set.

6. Is that the G-8ish?

7. Oh COME ON!

8. Bhutan is a nice touch.

9. - 10. Logical thinking, process of elimination, and educated guessing has failed me again.