Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tie of the Week

Oh dear, we almost missed the tie of the week! We couldn't have that now, could we?

Here's this week's tie as worn on Thursday (this is a recreation, I'm afraid), a rather fetching little trellis-and-peacock-feathers number that reminds me of classical gaudy painted sculptuary. If I look a little pasty this is because it was taken on Sunday, the day after the Great Food Poisoning Incident.

And here it is in the French style as aided by my new tie ring. I feel that it is neccesary to point out that a white-gold tie ring is an expediture of ludircous extravagance, and I may need to find some other use for it one of these days.

Tie Number:003
Designation: Fibulae Jugulum
Provenance: Christmas Present, 2010
Manufacture: Gino Rossi, Australia
No. of Comments: 2 (Low)
Most Favourable Comment: "Looking good as always"
Least Favourable Comment: "Ugh. Just Ugh."
Observations: It's hard to make this tie go with shirts that aren't plain. Not that that bothers me. Just sayin'

See you next week.

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