Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wednesday Quiz in Exile V: Sports Teams

It's an Australian tradition to give everthing silly names, and it's an Australian tradition to play, watch, cheer and talk about sports. Thus is should come as no suprise to anyone that it's a great Australian tradition to give our sports teams silly nicknames. All you have to do to be in the running for the prize is tell me what games these various Australian national teams represent the country in internationally. Please don't look up, consult with others or attempt to divine the answers, or you may well find yourself followed by a crowd of sledging Australians forever after.

What sport do these teams play? (Women's teams playing male-dominated sports score double)

1. Wallabies

2. Kookaburras

3. Baggy Greens

4. Steelers/Wheelabies

5. Diamonds

6. Sharks

7. Matildas

8. Jackaroos

9. Outbacks

10. Opals

Place your answers and a lungbusting team chant in the comments. All chants must be able to be approximated after numerous hours of drinking Australian beer.


Michael5000 said...

1. Wallabies -- Cricket!

2. Kookaburras -- Australian Rules Football!

3. Baggy Greens -- Australian Rules Baseball!

4. Steelers/Wheelabies -- Australian Rules Basketball!

5. Diamonds -- Curling

6. Sharks -- Street fighting, in "West Side Story"

7. Matildas -- Waltzing

8. Jackaroos -- Australian Rules Soccer

9. Outbacks -- Oh, this one I actually know! Australian Rules Water Polo

10. Opals -- Rugby

John said...

Well, I think this is where I take a dive.

1. Rugby Union

2. Hockey

3. Test Cricket

4. ?

5. ?

6. ?

7. Soccer (women's team)

8. ?

9. ?

10. Vaguely familiar - I'm going to guess Netball.

Haven't even heard of any of the teams I'm giving a ? to. :/

UnwiseOwl said...

Sorry for not getting back to this earlier. I have been a little ill the last couple of weeks.

1. Rugby League
2. Field Hockey
3. Cricket
4. Wheelchair Rugby (an incredible game)
5. Netball
6. Water Polo
7. Soccer (BONUS)
8. Lawn Bowls (get it?)
9. American Football
10. Basketball (BONUS)

Turns out that the sport is not the favourite topic of most of you, though email correspondent Joanna managed a very respectable 9 points. Provided I get around to writing it, there'll be a new quiz tomorrow, so stay tuned.

I was wondering what the prefix "Australian Rules" does to a game, and decided it means that there's less protective equipment, more breaks for beer, and fewer rules altogether.

Alethea said...

Damn forgot to write in. Think I would've gotten 3 to 5. (Would've got Baggy Green,s Diamonds and Opals, possibly the Rugby and Hockey)

Also the Lawn Bowls team is a unified thing with a name? Crazy!

UnwiseOwl said...

It's ok, there's plenty of weeks to go to save your score :)

Yeah, the lawn bowls team exists, and they're called the Jackaroos, a hilariously punny name that inspired me to nickname our national badminton team the Cockatoos...I just which we had a national accountancy team that we could call the Bilbies.