Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Half an hour

Then we will know...

...And now we know. Australia has re-elected Labor in a minority government, supported by the Greens and 3 independents. I, for one, welcome our new Labor overlords, and would like to remind them that as a constituent in a marginal seat I could play a key part in defeating them for re-election in three years, or howsoever as long as they manage to hold on to their tenuous hold on power, should they choose to displease me.

Switch to movie announcer voice:

This spring, one woman is given three years to change the world. Can she bring together the most ragtag bunch of misfits ever seen in Australian politics to deliver stable and effective government?
The stakes are high. The budget is higher.
ALP pictures presents an all-star cast of Julia Gillard...Wayne Swan...Tony Windsor...Kevin Rudd....Rob Oakeshott...and introducing Adam Bandt, in...MINORITY GOVERNMENT. Coming soon to a country near YOU!