Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wednesday Quiz In Exile II: Ned Kelly

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so while the Wednesday Quiz pretends to be dead and buried, certain quiz tragics are attempting to keep the mid-week trivia binge alive, even if it means actually doing some 'work' for once.

This weeks quiz is on the life, death and cultural impact of Australia's most famous and iconic folk hero, bushranger Ned Kelly (1854-1880), and his associates. England has kings, Italy has popes, the US has great war heroes and Canada has champion lumberjacks, but Australia has always idolised its criminals. Answer the questions correctly to score points towards becoming the quiz champion and winning the admiration of a grateful nation. As Kelly is such a well-known figure in Australia and not elsewhere, the difficulty of the quiz will be a bit variable, so apologies in advance. Cheaters will find themselves with an 8000 pound bounty on their heads, their legs shot out from underneath them, their misdeeds celebrated in song and story, and not even 30,000 signatures on a petition will save them from their inevitable doom.

Answer (if you dare).

1. What crimes did Ned Kelly commit or be accused of committing? (Name any two)

2. How did Kelly die?

3. Which Australian state did Kelly operate in?

4. Which artist painted his famous Ned Kelly series of paintings of which this is a part?

5. How other members of the Kelly Gang had a set of Kelly's iconic home-made armour?

6. Which British rocker played Ned in the 1970 (giant failure of a) film Ned Kelly?

7. Kelly has appeared on official postage stamps of Australia and which other country?

8. Which of Captain Moonlight, Captain Starlight, Captain Boomerang and Captain Thunderbolt was not a prominent Australian bushranger?

9. Of what was The Story Of The Kelly Gang (1909) the world's first example?

10. What is considered the major cause of the collapse of the Australian film industry in 1912?

11. Ned Kelly (1971) was written by which American Country singer-songwriter?

12. How is a Ned Kelly Pie different from a regular meat pie?

Leave your answers and a threatening letter to local law enforcement in the comments.


John said...

Ach, I'm going to make a terrible hash of this. Only going to bother attempting the ones I have some vague idea of.

1. I'm going to say murder and robbery of some description.

2. Kelly was killed by hanging after his arrest.

3. Kelly operated in Victoria.

5. I'm going to say two.

7. Going to guess the UK.

9. First feature film, I'd say.

10. Given (9), I'm going to say the poor reception of a follow-up project to the Story of the Kelly Gang. :P

11. Johnny Cash (because there are no other american country musicians)

12. fff I should know this but I can't remember for sure. I'm going to say it has egg & bacon in it.

Alethea said...

Obvious answer to 5 is Sydney Nolan... it's one of those trivia questions that goes around all the time.

Michael5000 said...

I'm mostly quoting Mrs.5K here:

1. Horse Theft & Murder
2. He was shot
3. "Let's say New South Wales."
4. dunno
5. None
6. Let's say David Bowie
7. New Zealand?
8. Let's say Captain Starlight
9. A true-crime autobiography
10. Bad vibes
11. Johny Cash
12. 20% more Ned

UnwiseOwl said...

1. Murder (of a Policeman), Bank Robbery, Theft (including of horses), and about a million other things too.
2. He may have have 28 bullet wounds in him, but he died of hanging in Melbourne.
3. Victoria (they're still all criminals over there)
4. Sidney Nolan, I'd say more but I don't get art.
5. All 3 of the others. Amusingly, the armour meant that the other 3 died when they probably could have gotten away.
6. Mick Jagger. Don't see the film.
7. Ireland
8. Captain Boomerang is a DC comics villain, the others (and pretty much every other Australian in the 19th century) were bushrangers.
9. The world's first feature film.
10. Movies about bushrangers were banned by the state government, glorifying criminals and all that.
11. Johnny Cash. It was on his very respectable Man in Black album, if that's your sort of thing.
12. It has egg and bacon in it. Eggs are occasionally known as neds, possibly because of the shells, but there's 100% more, not 20%.

And John wins the day in another rather difficult quiz with an impressive 6, with email participant Joanna just behind on 5. Tune in next week for something that should hopefully be a teensy bit easier.

UnwiseOwl said...

What do you reckon, Michael? Should I penalise you for using teamwork in a weekly quiz? :p

Michael5000 said...

Yes, you should strip us of our victory.

UnwiseOwl said...

Sounds like the sort of thing I'd do...
Playing against the home team advantage is a bit of a bugger, sorry.