Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tie of the Week

Well, it's been a long time between figurative drinks, but it's the First of Blaugust and that means that the tough had better get blogging or face the shame of defeat yet again. So here I am to wear ties and chew gum for the next month, even though chewing gum makes me nauseous.

I'll spend the month doing the same old quantity-over-quality routine that you all know and presumably love, a mish-mash of ties and whatever nonsense floats through my head; while my friends and associates may well be shaking their various thangs for the cause too. John may write some clever things, Claire may write some pretty things Ale may paint, draw, fold or generally magic up some pretty clever things, and presumably Dan will continue to write nonsense about elections like every other journalist in the country that isn't on Royal Baby Watch, but in a generally pretty way.

So, let's get into the mugshots (yes, I know I need to iron my shirts).

(n.b. One of these shirts I didn't actually wear to work this week)
This little number is a great tie for a winter's day, bringing to mind patchwork quilts made of sunshine and kittens, a somewhat gruesome but undoubtedly delightfully warm combination.

Tie Number: 009
Designation: Rumanian Garden Party
Provenance: Christmas 2011
Manufacture: Gallery, Australia
No. of Comments: 3 (Moderate)
Most Favourable Comment: "Wow, you actually matched your tie to your socks. That's commitment." (I was, by complete coincidence, wearing one red and one yellow sock).
Least Favourable Comment: "Your tie is...very yellow"
Observations: People seem to think that yellow isn't a good colour for a tie for some reason. Personally, I think it brings out the mustard in my eyes. 

(yes, I know I need to cut my hair)

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