Friday, 2 September 2011

Tie of the Week

Today just happens to be Footy Colours Day, an arbitrary day of the year when all the good sports are supposed to dress up in their Sportland Sport colours in order to look silly at their places of employment, an idea I totally endorse. For the occasion, I have put on my special "football supporter" face, and of course, my footy colours, I just had a little trouble deciding exactly what those were.

My tie, as well as looking suspiciously like my old school tie, is in the red, blue and yellow colours of the Pride of South Australia, the mighty Adelaide Crows (who play Australian Rules Football). It's probably best not to mention them again after this season, except to suggest that at least they're not Port Adelaide.

My blue jacket and red shirt betray my support for Norwood in the SANFL (or the state Australian rules competition, for Americans and other aliens). The Redlegs have actually had a pretty decent season and might be the only team that can stop Central Districts from winning their fifth flag in a row.

My socks show my support for the American Football team of choice, the Oregon Ducks, whose season kicks off tomorrow against LSU. They're also for the Australian national Soccer team who are expected to steamroll Thailand in a World Cup qualifer tonight.

And you'll just have to trust me that my underclothes show my support for Aston Villa, the Premier League team I started supporting a few years ago, mostly in order to antagonise my brother, who is a fan of Liverpool. If you're wondering how I have maroon and cyan underclothes then you are, firstly, more aware of soccer that I would expect of a reader of this here blag; and secondly, in need of a reminder of an old cricketing tail-ender's adage (if you wear a pair, you might get a pair, but you'll have a pair [yep, that's about as sophisticated as sporting adages get]).

Tie Number:005
Designation: Tie-ota
Provenance: Purchase, 2002
Manufacture: Rembrant, Australia
No. of Comments: 3 (Moderate)
Most Favourable Comment: "School tie?"
Least Favourable Comment: "Is that a St. Michael's Tie?" (asked by a former schoolmate. We did not go to St. Michael's)
Observations: I love school ties. And best of all, I have another one, exactly the same.

Carn da FOOTIE!


Alethea said...

I believe I said St. Peter's. Unless someone else also misidentified the tie!

All I knew was that it was a tie I did see on a regular basis in our house, and I forgot I hung my tie outside my brother's room. Oh excuses!

Michael5000 said...

Crap, I missed footie colors day!

Go Ducks!

Sylvia said...

What's going on? I'm missing the daily posts...