Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Wednesday Quiz: The Italian Question(s)

What do you mean,there's been a suspicious lack of content around here lately? I have no idea what you're talking about. And look, over's a quiz!

This is a map of modern Italy. Below are 8 different pictures relating somehow to regions of Italy. Match them to their region on the map, and of course, explain why. No cheating now.

1) I scream, you scream, we all scream for vaguely vexillological ice-cream!

2) Don't know this one? Take a blind guess. 

3) Famously one of the classic blunders, along with getting involved in a land war in Asia, is "Going in against a _____ when death is on the line"

4) It's a critical ingredient in many a stew

5) And for dessert!

6) I scream, you scream, we all scream because Audrey Hepburn has no idea how to ride one of these things!

7) That's a sixteenth century piece of field or naval artillery, isn't it? (It's only a model)

8) World's No.1 reason for Gameboy emulators.

Have fun and try your best!


James Picone said...

1) Neapolitan icecream = naples, so G (I think?)

2) Venetian blinds so venice, which is C.

3) "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!" H

4) Now I'm not so sure. Broccoli, which is presumably grown in that area? I'm going to go with B because it looks agricultural.

5)I don't recognise that desert, so I'm going to arbitrarily say D (is Nice around there?)

6) I don't know, the clue might be what the movie was and I don't know which one it was. Audrey can go to Milan, A.

7) Let's put the cannon in Rome, F. Was it invented or used there? Maybe.

8) Can't think of a decent association between Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and any of them, to be honest, so it goes in D (siena?)

James Picone said...

Obviously I meant to put FFTA (8) in E, the one I had left over.

Michael5000 said...

1) That's the kind of ice cream I always think of as "Napoleonic." That would put it in the Campagna, which... must not be where I thought it was, exactly. But I am pretty confident it is at G, then.

2) Yeah yeah. Venice is at C.

3) Going in against a Nazgul when death is on the line. What does that have to do with Italy?

Oh wait, I bet it's a Sicilian, H.

That's all I've got.

PsephologyKid said...

1) Neapolitan Ice-Cream resembles the flag of Naples (G (Initially thought H but that's definitely 3! Stupid geography!))
2) Venetian Blinds for Venice (C)
3) Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line (H)
4) I was thinking Romaine Lettuce, but that must be a Milan Cabbage (B)
5) I was stuck between the Tuscany, Piedmont and that mid-west coast one for the last three, and adding Florantine to the end of anything makes it sound delicious, so (D)
6) The film is Roman Holiday, so (F), but I had an unfair advantage in realising that!
7) The best link I can make here is cannon=canon=Catholicism=Rome, but Ms Hepburn pretty much killed that over-stretched pun. So Lombardy sounds like Bombard-y, but that's out too. Aaaand, I've only got (A) left...
8) Speaking of pun, it took me forever to stop thinking this was Fire Emblem and realise this was Final Fantasy. There's a guy called March in one of those games (I think?) and that sounds like Marche. (E)

Irac said...

I recognize the florentines (one of my favorites, but have no idea where Florence is in Italy.maybe towards top RIGHT? ??
Surely one of these answers must be Sicily maybe the mean looking BLOKE? Which would be H

Many apologies