Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Wednesday Quiz: Bus Stop

The Wednesday Quiz, pop quiz of the ages, refuses to be put on a bus!

Name these eight movies (or a subset thereof) featuring these buses to win points for your team.
No googling, references, or putting your cursor over the pictures and reading the urls ;)


Michael5000 said...

Ooh, nice theme.

#1 is the bus in "Speed" doing strange physics.
#2 I dunno, but I'm going to say "Forrest Gump" because it's plausible.
#3: Would be Somebody, Queen of the Desert.

I think that's all I got. I can't even think what the Hitchcock is. I'll throw in "Dirty Harry" for #6 because it's action in San Francisco.

xandox said...

1. I think it was called, "The Bus that Couldn't Slow Down." Or as you might know it, Speed.
2. Hi my name is Forest Gump and people call me Forest Gump.
3. I christen her Priscilla Queen of The Desert!
4. That could be from any generic film set in London for all I know. Time for a gamble as I say Love Actually.
5. All I can tell is that it's looks like California pretending to be a scene from Europe somewhere. Something car chase related? Can't be Bond because I clearly don't remember a Bus like that. The Italian Job perhaps?
6. Absolutely no idea. Could be the Magic School Bus for all I know. The Godfather Part II?
7. Looks like something staring Jackie Chan. I'm going to go with Police Story since that's the only one I can think of from the top of my head.
8. That guy on the right looks suspiciously like Alfred Hitchcock and I'm going to say its The Birds as it's all I think of because of that damned birdcage!

Irac said...

Alone I am weak.
Your father watches more movies and has better memory for them than I do.
Only the first 3 for me.
1. Speed
2. Forest Gump
3. Priscilla (how could it be anything else)
4. Guess on 4 Tootsie?
Absolutely no idea after that.

UnwiseOwl said...

1. Speed. Apparently they actually jumped that bus.
2. Forrest Gump. Yes Sir.
3. Priscilla Queen of the Desert (I'm going to give you a half for that, Michael, as the name is written on the front of the time)
4. That's Notting Hill, she's just a girl, plastered to the side of a bus, asking a boy to love her.
5. Sure is the Italian Job. Talk about earworms, this scene.
6. Dirty Harry. Good pick, Michael.
7. Police Story (not a very good story at all)
8. Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock in the back of a bus? Gotta be To Catch A Thief.