Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tie of the Week

So the good news for the tie project is that I have been faithfully wearing a new tie each and every week of the five months since our last post in September, some twenty ties. The sad news is that the pile of worn ties is a somewhat overwhelming item to blog about, so I've made an executive decision that the ties that have not yet featured in a post will get sorted back into the fresh ties pile and I can start afresh without a big accusative pile of ties in the corner of the room. Thus, I am glad to present this little number:

This week's decidedly dated neck-decoration is a recent acquisition, coming in a very exciting pile of ties that I look forward to sharing with you in the coming year or so, and which increased my collection from a respectable 53 to a rather impressive 68, meaning that even making the large assumptions that I can keep it going and am somehow prevented from gaining any further ties this project will still be running come Easter 2013.

Tie Number:006
Designation: The Crimson Peacock
Provenance: Ian's Stash, February 2012
Manufacture: Unknown
No. of Comments: 8 (High)
Most Favourable Comment: "Nice! Very retro..."
Least Favourable Comment: "You're not actually wearing that, are you?"
Observations: Oddly enough, the green semi-ovals in a bright orange tie (it doesn't look that bright in the photo, but it's pretty out there) actually work pretty well, in the unlikely circumstance of owning a "Woolworths" green shirt of almost exactly the same shade.

Tune in next week for more Half-Windsor goodness.


James said...

That is the angriest tie I have ever seen

Your face is like :] but the tie is like >:C

Michael5000 said...

I like it. It looks like a landscape that a hobbit might have to make its way through before getting to Mordor proper. That might just be me.

Will there be a tie tournament?

UnwiseOwl said...

I doubt that the readership of this here blog could sustain a tie tournament, but sure, when the project finishes, there will be a tie tournament.
I love tournaments