Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Read: I Can Jump Puddles

We're having some technical internetty problems here at Leaflocker HQ, stay tuned for the completed reveiw and quiz just as soon as we can get them ironed out...

Australian books, to speak broadly and generalise, are a little bit like Australian film, vividly told, deeply emotional and full of sex scenes (and by 'sex scenes' I generally mean 'rape'). In fact, I once watched a marathon ten Australian films up until the first sex scene in each and spent a grand total of just three hours and ten minutes in front of the TV before going to bed disgusted with the Australian film industry. Thus it's with great trepidation that I pick up an Australian book or film, expecting the worst of human nature.

This one is an autobiography of Alan Marshall, a boy with crippling polio set in turn of the twentieth century rough and tumble rural Victoria, what unspeakable things wuld happen to this poor, defenceless crippled child...

I steeled myself and began to read...

Page 123:

Reading Progress:
Number of Books read: 9
Australian dividend: 2.045
Science Fiction dividend: 2.5
Fantasy dividend: 3.5
Biography dividend: 2.5
Mystery dividend: 0.5

Probably Next Up: Morris West, Shoes of the Fisherman/The Devil's Advocate/The Salamander (provided that I finish the Salamander)

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Michael5000 said...

How do the dividends work?