Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Counting Things

37: Number of minutes spent on commute to work
1 : Number of sharp objects encountered in carpark
13: Number of staples currently holding together trousers


UnwiseOwl said...

Note to self:Staples not adequate trouser repair tool. Even short-term.

Soumamitsuko said...

In my experience, if you staple it in the same place from both sides, it will hold for a few hours until you can get to a needle and thread. Or a woman.

UnwiseOwl said...

See, you'd think that that would work, wouldn't you? Except that:
1) My ineptitude with a stapler exceeds my ineptitude at accuraet tpuhc typign.
2) The damage is in a high-stress area
3) I have a tendency to put my hands in my pockets if not otherwise occupied.

I never can get to a woman when I need to, either.