Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Heart Is Otherwise

We're a bit too busy at Leaflocker HQ for bloggy nonsense right at the moment. Hopefully, some semblance of normality will descend once we've left Parliament House and this home of ours and set up at the new place in Oxford, which as of this moment I'm calling the Low Commission.

I am feeling very nostalgic this week. I've been crying over YouTube videos again:

That's all for now...Wait, let's do last week's quiz results!

1) The winner of the Ashes last Monday was Australia. The Mens Ashes finished earlier, but let us not dwell on those.
2) Afghanistan are currently the 12th ranked ODI nation.
3) The Phoenix appears to be Greek.
4) Conchita Wurst is from Austria.
5) No-one wins the French Open.
6) Potash is Potassium Carbonate.
7) Tai is the protagonist of Digimon.
8) Iceland has some good volcanic ash.
9) Hinduism has some good ashes too.
10) Ash is a goddamn robot
11) AE is George William Russel. No-one ever gets the poetry ones.

Thus, it's a draw between Alethea and John for first position, with 5 points apiece.

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