Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Wednesday Quiz II.VI: It Becomes an Emperor

Well, it turns out that you guys, while distinguished and erudite in many ways, aren't that excellent at naming monkeys, so we've collected a bunch of other primates for you to have another go, in the little game we like to call Name That Emperor. All you have to do is identify the Emperors in the comment thread below to win the genuine admiration of a blogger near you.

Vive l'Empereur!


Joanna said...

1. Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious))
2. Queen Victoria
3. napoleon
4. Julius Caesar
5. Ummm.. a clean shaven Genghis Khan
6. Saint... Peter?
...PASS on the rest

John said...

1. Emperor Palpatine
2. Queen Victoria of Great Britain, Empress of India
3. Napoleon Bonaparte
4. One of the Romans - I'll go with Nero because that's one hell of a neckbeard.
5. A Japanese emperor; let's say a young Hirohito (it'd be him or Meiji...)
7. Don't watch enough animu to provide a name, but that'd be from Code Geass.
8. Emperor Norton of the United States!

I'm going to surrender on the rest.

UnwiseOwl said...

Answer time!:
1. Emperor Palpaltine
2. Good Ol' Queen Vic
3. It is, of course, the little General himself, Napoleon Bonaparte
4. Nero indeed, and a bonus mark to John for excellent neckbeard identification
5. Hirohito of Japan indeed (looking pretty young here)
6. Constantine the Great in all his iconic glory, although modern audiences may be more used to him looking like Keanu Reeves
7. Charles Zi Brittania of Code Geass, more points for John.
8. Emperor Norton. why yes, I have been reading too much Kate Beaton recently, why do you ask?
9. Emperor Ming from the classic film "Flash Gordon", where classic, in this case, means "amazingly terrible, no seriously, it can't even be rescued by having a soundtrack by Queen"
10. Maximillian I of Mexico, yes, that's right, Mexico. Oh you crazy Austrians.
Anyway, that's it for another week. Tune in next time for...another quiz!