Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mission: Failed

That's right, just one book into my attempt to read all the books in my library, I've fallen and I can't get up. Walking past the newsagent yesterday I saw a book, a beautiful book, with a good weight to it and the promise of more beauty inside, and made an impulse buy. I was out the door before I realised that I wasn't supposed to be buying books any more.
The book in question was called "A Historical Atlas of the World", and features many thousands of maps of various places at various times. I'm not utterly convinced that it's well executed, but it's an idea that's always fascinated me. I won't add it to the reading list (it's a reference book, reading it throuhg would take a while), but I will probably post on it some time, because I just can't resist a good map.


John said...

I know how it is! I've just borrowed a bunch of books from the library despite having a hefty unread pile (not the size of yours, mind!)

David said...

Try working in a book store.

Alethea said...

I'm resisting from going on an spree ordering books online, though I did order a new art instruction book last Friday.

The impulse buy online is more and less satisfying in various different ways. My book likely won't be with me for another couple of weeks...

PS. since everyone is talking about buying books lately I point out the following sites to those of us that shop online: and (since they ship orders singly it's worth your couple of dollars to check which site offers the better RRP/Exchange rate deal)
and which will automagically do that for you!